Can I Complete My Matric Online?

Yes, you have the chance to complete your matric online.

If you study an
Adult Matric course, you can get a matric certificate through Distance Learning. This will allow you to complete your matric course online.

The Amended Senior Certificate

The Amended Senior Certificate is the award you will receive upon successfully completing the Adult Matric programme.  

This programme was created for students who did not pass matric or who did not write matric to get an accredited matric certificate. The qualification you will receive is on the same level as a traditional matric certificate (NQF level 04).

Amended Senior Certificate Compared To Standard Matric Certificate

The Amended Senior Certificate is different from the standard matric certificate in the following ways:


  • There are less subjects to complete
  • The pass requirements are lower
  • There are no physical classes, so there are no class marks
  • The entry requirements are different

Adult Matric Via Distance Learning

The Adult Matric course is offered by Bellview Institute of Distance Learning. All of your studies can be completed online as there are no face-to-face classes. You will hand in any assignments online.


You will only have to write your final matric examination at an external DHET examination centre.

Adult Matric Accreditation

The following accreditation details apply to Bellview’s Adult Matric course:


  • Programme: National Qualification
  • Course: Amended Senior Certificate
  • SAQA ID number: 49647
  • NQF Level: 04
  • Award achieved: Senior Certificate
  • Issued and accredited by: Umalusi


Educational institutions no longer need to undergo any accreditation processes to offer the Adult Matric course. As an educational institution, this statement also applies to Bellview Institute of Distance Learning.

The matric certificate you will receive is fully accredited by Umalusi.

Adult Matric Application Requirements

You need the following to apply for an Adult Matric course:


  • A grade 9 certificate (or a certificate equivalent to grade 9)
  • An incomplete status for matric (showing that you did not write matric or that you did not pass matric)
  • You need to be 21 years or older by the time of your final examinations

How Long Is The Adult Matric Course?

You can complete the Adult Matric programme in:


  • 12 months
  • 24 months
  • 36 months


It is recommended that you complete this course within 12 to 24 months. You can start this course when you are 19, but you need to be 21 years old when you write your final exams.

Benefits Of Having A Matric Certificate

With a matric certificate, you will have the following benefits:


Do Universities Accept The Amended Senior Certificate

Yes, Amended Senior Certificates are accepted by universities. If you pass the course on a Bachelor’s Degree level, you will meet one of the application requirements for universities.


There are, however, many other specific entry requirements for each university course. You should look at the subjects you will need to study for the course you want to apply for and you will need to get high marks.

Applying For Adult Matric With Bellview

You can apply for Bellview’s Adult Matric course by:


Author: Karla Nortier